WHMCS 5 is available

The most commonly used billing and client management application used in the webhosting industry is WHMCS. This complete client management, support and billing solution suits almost every webhosting business from small to large scale.

What WHMCS does is allowing you to track your customers by registering them to the system. Then they can create support tickets and be billed for services. You can add eg. a cPanel Webhosting Account to their account and they will automatically be billed recurring as you have specified. Also overusages, support and other things can be invoiced.


cPanel/WHM integrated with WHMCS allows for automated actions, such as up- and downgrades, account creation, account suspension and account termination.
You can actually run your webhosting business without having to do anything.

Set up WHMCS and cPanel and your clients can sign up with you and the system automatically provisions the account once payment is registered automatically.

WHMCS is very secure and is often providing security patches to keep your business safe.
It is possible to get WHMCS Android App and WHMCS iPhone App. iWHMCS is your way to manage customers on the move. 

You need the best billing, management and automation software around.

Integration is easy with WHMCS as Smarty templates allows you to buy, create and install your own custom WHMCS templates.

WHMCS look like your website once it is done and your customers will think you have a very customized solution just for them.

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